Sometimes YOU need...

...time out from your day to day life.

...some new insights, directions and inspiration 

...a break to go within, reconnect with self and Your God.

 ...opportunities to immerse yourself in nature.


What these retreats are all about - YOU!


To look after the whole person, you, we need to consider the mental, emotional, physical AND spiritual. Often the spiritual is through faith based practice or other groups.  To truly step forward and allow ourselves the gift of time with self means to connect within.

These retreats aims to provide spiritually curious and open individuals with an experience of listening to fresh insights,reflection, some creative responses and prayer experiences..

We invite you to give YOURSELF permission to step out of your world and look after you for a change. Why? Well when you truly look after you the surprising outcome is you are better with others.

To help you look after you we designed this retreat to support you. The experience below will give you a taste of what to expect.


        Weekend Retreat Sessions


February 17 -19

(Fr) Darryl Mackie 

I have called you by name, you are mine. Is 43:1

This weekend retreat recognises Jesus' call to find a quiet place. Retreatants will be invited to be attentive to the presence of the sacred in their lives through scripture, reflection and celebration. 

February 25

(Half day 10.00am – 2.00pm)

Leonard Blahut


Jesus, His Life this side of the Grave

A reflection / discussion seminar on the Human Jesus. The focus of this session is to support and enrich one’s relationship of faith in Jesus that calls any person to consider just how Jesus handled his life when confronted with the everyday.

Cost $50.00 (Includes a light lunch)

May 6

(Half day 10.00am – 2.00pm)

Leonard Blahut

Jesus, His Life this side of the Grave 

A reflection / discussion seminar on the Human Jesus. The focus of this session is to support and enrich one’s relationship of faith in Jesus that calls any person to consider just how Jesus handled his life when confronted with the everyday.

Cost $50.00 (Includes a light lunch)

July 28 - 30

(Fr) Darryl Mackie

I have called you by name, you are mine. Is 43:1

This weekend retreat recognises Jesus' call to find a quiet place. Retreatants will be invited to be attentive to the presence of the sacred in their lives through scripture, reflection and celebration.

August 4 - 6

Loretta Brinkman

From the Outside Looking In

One of the greatest mysteries we have to solve is ourselves: why we are the way we are and what motivates our decisions and our passions. Using the enneagram as a tool this weekend will offer the time to gaze inward and explore the mystery of you, your unique view of the world, the innate fears and beliefs that influence you, and the compulsive behaviours and defence mechanisms that can sometimes inhibit us being compassionate with ourselves and others. No previous knowledge of the Enneagram is needed, simply discover how this ancient teaching can offer you a new lens through which to view and understand your own behaviour and habits and learn a universal growth process that can enhance your ongoing self awareness.

August 8

(10.00am – 2.00pm)

Sr Anne Morrison

Mary MacKillop’s Feastday

Come along and hear about the story and the spirit of Mary MacKillop.  We will have time for input, discussions, reflection and prayer.  The reflective nature and the atmosphere of St Joseph’s are very conducive to spending a day with Mary MacKillop.

Cost: $50.00 (Includes a light lunch)

September 1 - 3

Loretta Brinkman

From the Inside Looking Out

By our very nature as human beings we crave relationship with others, but this can often present us with challenges and frustrations. With an understanding of which we are illuminated through using the Enneagram as a tool, this weekend will then focus on how we can use this understanding of the motivations at play in us all to navigate our relationships with others with compassion. Delving beyond basic personality we will take the time to explore the new sub-type learnings which explore how our own habits and compulsions play out in our intimate relationships, with those who are in our inner circle and how we negotiate our social connections. No previous understanding of the Enneagram is necessary.

September 8 -10

Sue Kane

The Second Blooming

"We turn not older with the years, but newer every day." (Emily Dickinson) The spiritual joys and challenges of life's second half - a reflective weekend for those who sense the arrival of the second blooming, as well as those who already know it as a good friend.

October  20 - 22

Julie Taylor

Finding "Heart and Spirit" in your Work

This weekend will explore the nature of the spirituality of work. We spend a significant percentage of our life time engaged in work (both paid and unpaid). Recognising and truly acknowledging the work we do as part of the lived expression of our spirituality can life giving! Work is fundamental to our identity as human persons. Our sense of self is intrinsically bound up in the work we do and if not ‘the work itself’ then how we do the work we do!

“Human work is a significant way of collaborating in God’s transformation of the world, a sharing in the creative activity of God.” (John Paul 11 Laborem Exercens: On Human Work, 1981, 25)

During this retreat you will be afforded the opportunity to reflect on the work you do and how it is an expression of your own spirituality. A range of informative, prayerful, reflective and creative processes will help facilitate this process. 

October  27 - 29

Laurie Woods                                                                                                                                     

Pathways to Simplicity

The antidote for depressionThis weekend is an invitation to reflect on ways to live honestly, creatively and openly. By embracing our gifts of imperfection we learn to let go, nourish healthy relationships and rejoice in the simplicity of uncluttered lives. Following a Scripture based spirituality we will explore the creativity, poetry and deep respect for self and the other that the human Jesus brought to all his relationships.

November 10-12

Mary Baker                                                                                                                                                                   

Playing Me Softly ….  

A Music and Imagery Prayer and Reflection weekend. A time for allowing ourselves to enter ‘the Flow, the Mystery’ – through a process of listening to music in a relaxed state and processing the listening experience through use of colour and small-group sharing.

November  17 - 19

Julie Taylor

Time to Nourish Your Heart                                                                                       

As the season of Advent and our journey towards the end of the year approaches, this retreat will be an opportunity for you to take some time to connect in with and to nourish your heart - the core of your being!   A range of experiences will be provided to enable personal & prayerful reflection on your life and what energises and nourishes you as well as what is in need of some attention. Practices such as mindfulness, prayer, meditation and a range of creative opportunities will be offered. 

December 8 - 10

Sr Patty Andrew osu

Celebrating the Ongoing Birth of God                                                                            

This weekend situated at the beginning of Advent, invites us to ponder the gift of God incarnate in our world. Reflective processes will be framed within an evolutionary spirituality which is grounded in God’s continuous unfolding in our lives and in all creation. Immersing ourselves more deeply in this incarnational reality awakens us to our unique capacity to give birth to God in and through the experiences of our lives.



   $325.00 (CAT exempt)


   $357.50 (Inclusive of GST)


    Half days including light lunch $50

You are Invited to Embrace Opportunities

These retreats will be embedded within the beautiful natural environment of St Josephs.

The facilitators will provide varied and balanced opportunities. You will be encouraged to relax, nature yourself and to be enriched.

Each day will include inputs, time for reflection, prayer, some creative responses and time to rest.

The beautiful meals and accommodation will add to the richness of your time. 




Time for reflection

Periods of silence

Reading selections



Wholesome meals

Time to Walk/Swim

Restful Breaks



Peaceful surroundings

A room to your self

Kind supportive helpers



Insights and Inspiration

Labyrinth walk

Reflective guidance



Included in your retreat package


Treat yourself to the gift of privacy with your own room. Rooms are equipped with ensuite including shower. Rooms are located in a separate wing of the main part of the building. In addition to access to the grounds you also can enjoy a private lounge for retreatants, private dining and reading and reflection rooms.


Enjoy wholesome and filling meals to warm your heart and nourish your body.  Morning teas, lunches, and dinner Saturday night are included. The focus of dining is to support you. In the spirit of a reflective retreat some dining will be in silence.


The Facilitators will present a topic and give much food for thought. You will be taken to new 'places' and gain new understandings. There will be time for questions and discussion. 


Quiet Times

There are chapels, prayer rooms and many areas outside that are conducive to quiet reflection, prayer and reading. Find a chair under a tree and relax and internalize! 


Labyrinth Walk

An ancient spiritual tradition that has been used throughout the ages is the labyrinth. To walk a labyrinth is to open your self up to answers to your questions. On your own you are welcome to use the labyrinth at any time.


Reflective resources

To inspire you and open you up to other ideas, thoughts and insights there will be some reading material. Art supplies and other materials will be available for you..

Beautiful grounds to explore and find peace

Your retreat location is the beautiful grounds of St Joseph's Centre for Reflective Living. This centre is located in Baulkham Hills close to Norwest but surrounded by nature and space. You are able to walk the grounds and enjoy this quiet oasis in the midst of local suburbs. 

Scripture Based

Exploring the Human Jesus

The Enneagram (exploring mystery of Self)

Praying with Mary Mackillop

Looking at the Second Half of Life  


Spirituality of Work

Exploring living honestly, creatively and openly

Music and Imagery Prayer

Spiritual Preparation for Christ. 

There are additional options that are not included in the basic retreat package. You can avail of these by booking in advance when you register for the retreat.

Transport to Mass

For those wishing to attend Mass, this is celebrated at St Michael's Church at Baulkham Hills on Saturday evening at 5:30 pm. If you don't have transport, we could organize transport for you. . 

Extend your stay

To extend and really make the weekend special for you there are also bed and breakfast options to extend your stay either before or after.

Upgrade your room

Also subject to availability there is the option to upgrade your room from a single.

Be Nurtured and Nourished

St Joseph's Centre for Reflective Living, Baulkham Hills

weekend Retreat starts at 5:30 pm on the Friday evening and finishes at 3:00 pm on the Sunday afternoon.


Timing of Weekend






Introductory Session



All meals

Morning Tea / Afternoon Tea


Reflection Times

Prayer Times

Free Time

Discussion and Creative Responses

Mass (offered) 


Breakfast / Morning Tea / Lunch


Reflection Times

Prayer Time

This retreat is priced as a non profit offering. As such the price listed covers the cost of all inclusions.  You will also see other options available should you wish to avail of these.


 Cost $325


GST Inclusive




GST tax exempt pricing is available for registrations paid by Catholic tax exempt organisations. To check if you are eligible for this discount please contact us.

Full weekend retreat including: 

  • Ensuited Accommodation 
  • Breakfast x 2
  • Morning Tea x 2 , Afternoon Tea x 2
  • Lunch x 2
  • Dinner x 2
  • Presenters and Facilitator Fees
  • Labyrinth walk
  • Use of private lounge facilities for group
  • Access to reflection and reading rooms
  • Art Materials
  • Tea and Coffee always available   



Optional extra night stay:

  • Room only for Sunday night                         $97.50
  • Room + breakfast Sunday/Monday              $112